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Welcome to our OFT Group Human Resources Health Portal. 

Whats available to our OFT team members right now? 

 The OFT Group partners with the MOC Foundation with the objective of updating and maintaining a portal that provides factual and helpful links to assist with making informed decisions by providing direction to online applications such as: 

Self-Diagnosis Tools,
Pre and post Surgery advice,
Practical First Aid in the workplace and home,
Terminal Disease Survivor Testimonials,
Nutritional and fitness options,
Medical Research and Trending Opinions.


Our HCD teams ultimate objective is to assist the MOC Foundations effort to spread the Gospel message by working towards making Health Solutions and Information available through various online portals to our Group members which is affordable and practical.

We request that any user verify any proposed transactions posted in advertorials etc.… presented in our hosted links.

 In addition to our Health Portal our team also maintain sites providing information and guidance on the topics of:


 Please take the time to browse through our various links and articles hosted on the menu bar above.

Please Note:

The MOC website contents must in no instance be regarded as professional advice, assistance and/or support. Users are urged to seek professional assistance as to the user’s specific individual circumstances.
Articles and publications contained in the website are not intended to be used as professional advices and are for general information purposes only.

 The host and owner does not endorse, warrant or make any representations about the content, products, services, security or reliability of information provided through the MOC site or other websites and users are cautioned to use such websites with due care.

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